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Drum & Bass

2012-06-20 05:53:51 by DjThePluck

Well i found myself in making D&B :D
i hope U like it :D
... I could use some Fans :D
......and may some experiences :D
.........And some Chicks xD
.............and some sleep :P



2012-04-14 16:16:06 by DjThePluck

Does someone know an good Unison Vst pluckin ?

i tried my own one but its so fucking hard :/ i tried fruity delay combined with pitcher ... but thats too much work
if some one knows an good VST tell me

Thanks :D

cheers /Pluck\

Umm.... yeah ...

2012-04-05 12:02:59 by DjThePluck

i dont really know what genre i should create :/ so if u have any ideas or requests about a remix maybe post it :D


2012-02-16 18:33:16 by DjThePluck

somehow my NI massive pluckin crashes everytime i try to use it and now im stuck i cant produce anything dubstep like without it i reinstalled it and reset the presets but nothing seems to work ... so if anyone has any intention to fix it please tell me.

Innovative :3

2012-02-13 15:29:03 by DjThePluck

cool i reached my goal i started a innovative art of dubstep. lets see how it goes on.

Innovative :3

Hardstyle + Bass = My Style

2011-12-12 09:47:39 by DjThePluck

now after some schoolar about hardstyle i finaly can make good music ^.^ i hope you like and enjoy my music Im out ^-^

Hardstyle + Bass = My Style

Welcome at my site im 17 years old. Im making music since 2010 so i couldnt be a master. if you have some tips for me PM them to me or something i dont really know what i should say so ....ummm.... THE CAKE IS A LIE

Oh and im german so forgive my bad > grammatic < X.x dont know how to write that

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